Here you'll find a list of my favorite, highly recommended podcasts. This isn't an exhaustive list of every podcast I've ever heard, just the ones I love sharing.
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Art & Design Podcasts

Podcasts that talk about art & design topics or are hosted by designers.

New Layer

Conversations on topics related to digital product design, hosted by designers Tanner Christensen and Jasmine Friedl.


Dribbble's weekly podcast exploring the most interesting design news and giving you the tips you need to create your best work. Hosted by designer Meg Lewis.

Perspective Podcast

Each week, Scotty Russell of Perspective-Collective and guests breakdown the art of healthy hustling and growing your creative pursuits.

This Is Design School

A podcast for the growing designer: those interested in design, starting a career in design, or in need of a reminder of why they got into design.

Educational & Informative Podcasts

Podcasts that will teach you things!

99% Invisible

Roman Mars investigates and explores the process and power of design and architecture, especially those details we barely notice.

Code Switch

An NPR podcast that tackles the subject of race and how it impacts every part of society.

Every Little Thing

A podcast that goes searching for answers to caller's questions, such as: Is A Sense of Direction a Thing? or Why Does Popcorn Pop?

Hidden Brain

A combination of science and storytelling to investigate the patterns that drive human behavior.

Life Kit

Tips and advice on how to do the things we all need to do to get by in this world.


Alie Ward interviews subject matter experts of different "-ologies."

Pod People's Podcast (for People Who Make Podcasts)

A weekly bite-sized interview show featuring community members and team members from Pod People weighing in on everything from how to record remotely to trends in podcasting.

Ted Radio Hour

Each episode, host Manoush Zomorodi explores a big idea through a series of TED Talks and original interviews.

This Podcast Will Kill You

Each episode covers a different disease (and sometimes poisons!) and its history, biology, and how scared you should be of it.

Fiction Podcasts

Podcasts that follow narrative fiction storylines, similar to e-books.


Sam Walker (voiced by Cole Sprouse) moves to the town of Drisking, Missouri one summer, and a few months later his older sister disappears. Five years pass, and more teenagers keep disappearing - so Sam and his friends take it upon themselves to find out what's happening to all the missing people and what connection the disappearances hold with the mountain outside of town. (1 season so far)


Ten years ago, over three hundred men, women and children disappeared from a small town in Tennessee, never to be heard from again. In this podcast, American Public Radio reporter Lia Haddock asks the question once more, "What happened to the people of Limetown?" (2 seasons)


A hilarious and heartfelt fiction podcast bringing you a new romantic storyline each season. (2 seasons so far)

The Bright Sessions

A science fiction tale that follows a group of therapy patients who each have a unique supernatural ability. The show documents their struggles and discoveries as well as the motivations of their mysterious therapist, Dr. Bright. (1 season)

The Left Right Game

Stars Tessa Thompson as an idealistic young journalist trying to make a name for herself by following a group of paranormal explorers, obsessed with a seemingly harmless pastime known as the Left/Right Game. This story originated in the r/nosleep subreddit and can still be found there, if you want to read it. (1 season)

Health & Wellbeing Podcasts

Podcasts focused on physical and mental health, meditations, etc.

Like You: Mindfulness for Kids

Meditations in podcast format primarily aimed at children, but can be used by anyone of any age.

Maintenance Phase

A weekly podcast debunking the junk science behind health fads, wellness scams, and nonsensical nutrition advice.

Therapy for Black Girls

A weekly chat about all things mental health, personal development, and all the small decisions we can make to become the best possible versions of ourselves. Hosted by Dr. Joy. Harden Bradford.

Interview/Talk Podcasts

Podcasts that discuss a variety of topics in a general talk or interview format.

Another Round

Hosted by Heben Nigatu and Tracy Clayton discussing everything from race and gender to pop culture to squirrels. One of Buzzfeed's first podcasts - unfortunately no longer releasing new episodes.

Bad On Paper

Besties Becca Freeman and Grace Atwood discuss books, 30-something life, and their internet obsessions. Once a month they do a book club episode featuring books you're sure to be obsessed with.

Be There In Five

Host Kate Kennedy does long-form stream-of-consciousness examinations of a wide range of topics reflecting the current zeitgeist (celebrities, bloggers/influencers, social media, etc).

Best Friends with Nicole Byer & Sasheer Zamata

Comedians and best friends Nicole Byer and Sasheer Zamata talk about random topics and interview other best friend duos. This one will have you giggling uncontrollably!

Call Your Girlfriend

Long-distance BFFs Aminatou Sow and Ann Friedman discuss everything from self care, to politics, to race and gender in this podcast that has been going on for over SIX years!

Death, Sex, & Money

Discussions about the big questions and hard choices that are often left out of polite conversation.

Gee Thanks, Just Bought It!

Host Caroline Moss and guests talk about their favorite life-changing under-the-radar products you didn't know you needed, and where to find them.

Group Chat Realness

Hosts Venita Aspen and Sophie Gold discuss topics at the intersection of social media, mental wellness, and race in this group chat brought to life.

Keep It

Each week, hosts Ira Madison III, Louis Virtel, and Aida Osman and guests discuss how pop culture and entertainment intersect with politics and society.

Mixed Company

A podcast for the uncomfortable conversations about diversity and inclusion in the workplace (specifically in the creative/advertising industries).

Scam Goddess

Host Laci Mosley and comedian guests discuss the latest scams and historic hoodwinks.

Terrible, Thanks for Asking

A podcast that looks at food from multiple angles through personal stories from the heartbreakingly sad to the most joyful moments.

The Anthropocene Reviewed

Author John Green rates aspects of our modern world on a five-star scale.

The Financial Confessions

A podcast extension of The Financial Diet, about how we live and interact with money (and related topics) as millennials.

Investigative & Topical Podcasts

Podcasts where the main focus is investigating a specific topic or genre of topics.

Nice White Parents

A five-part series that takes a look at one of the major forces shaping our public school system: white parents.

Rabbit Hole

Investigating what happens when the internet shapes what we believe.


Deep-dive journalism exploring topics in science, philosophy, and ethics.

Reply All

A podcast about the intersection of the internet and our very human lives.

The Dream

A show exploring the mysterious and shady truths behind the things that are sold to us as a "dream." Season 1: MLMs. Season 2: the "wellness" industry.

The Sporkful

A podcast that looks at food from multiple angles including science, history, identity, culture, economics, and lengthy debates on the best way to layer peanut butter and jelly in a sandwich.

Narrative Podcasts

Podcasts that tell non-fiction or based-in-truth stories.

Dr. Death

What happens when the system we go to at our most vulnerable - the medical system- betrays our trust? Who - or what - is that system meant to protect? Reported and hosted by Laura Beil. (2 Seasons)


A bi-weekly podcast about dark historical tales. Each episode explores the mysterious creatures, tragic events, and unusual places that fill the pages of history.

News Podcasts

Podcasts that discuss current events and highlight topics in the news cycle.

Lovett or Leave It

Host (and former Obama speechwriter) John Lovett and guests break down the week's biggest news.

The Daily

Topical stories from New York Times reporters, every day.

What A Day

Daily 15-20 minute breakdowns of what's going on in the news, hosted by Akilah Hughes and Gideon Resnick.

Pop Culture Podcasts

Podcasts that discuss TV shows, movies, fandoms, music, etc.

Back Issue

Tells the stories behind formative moments in pop culture. Hosted by Tracy Clayton (host of Another Round and a few other podcasts!) and Josh Gwynn.

Binge Mode

Long, deep discussions about highly binge-able series (and sometimes one-offs about popular movies/TV shows). Highly recommend the Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, and Star Wars deep dives.

Dial M for Maple

A Riverdale recap podcast.

Lovecraft Country Radio

Analysis & discussions around each episode of the HBO series Lovecraft Country. Hosts Ashley Ford and Shannon Houston (a writer on the show) share their thoughts on the ties between the horror genre and black culture.


One man's journey, thoughts and reactions as he reads the Harry Potter series for the first time as a 20-something.

Punch Up The Jam

A comedy podcast that takes the songs you love, analyzes them lyric by lyric, and then takes what they learned to make the song...better? Sometimes?

Still Processing

Hosted by NYT culture writers Jenna Wortham and Wesley Morris as they discuss TV, movies, art, music and the internet to find the things that move them.

The AMPire Diaries

Three friends discuss The Vampire Diaries tv show as they watch all of the episodes — for two of them it's a rewatch, for one it's the first time.

Tiny Desk Concerts

Audio-only versions of NPR's Tiny Desk Concerts.

Sex & Relationship Podcasts

Podcasts focused on discussing sex/sexuality and relationships.

Girls Gotta Eat

A comedy podcast about dating, sex, and relationships co-hosted by Ashley Hesseltine and Rayna Greenberg. (This podcast gets pretty explicit)

Thirst Aid Kit

Hosts Bim Adewunmi and Nichole Perkins dig deep into the various ways women express their thirst, asking: why do we desire who we desire? (The show is over - but there are so many great episodes!)

Where Should We Begin? with Esther Perel

Therapist Esther Perel counsels real couples as they reveal the most intimate, personal, and complicated details of the conflicts that have brought them to her door.

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